Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme Review

Ella Shopify Theme is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Ella is top selling Shopify theme in the ThemeForest Marketplace.

The Shopify theme has countless powerful features, and it is also a multipurpose Shopify theme available at Themeforest. It is also called All in one Shopify theme by its developers, also users too. 

Today we will discuss the outstanding features, design quality, performance, pricing, flexibility, pros, and cons, etc.of this Ella Shopify theme review. 

Ella Shopify Theme


Ella Shopify theme was designed by Halothemes, who already has 14 ThemeForest items, including the Ella Shopify theme. Ella Shopify theme got 17000+ times sales on Themeforest.

Halothemes is the Power Elite Author of the marketplace, and Ella is one of their success as well as the best selling creations. 

Ella Shopify theme is mostly creative, Multi-Purpose, High-performance, and obviously eye-catching Shopify template you can get from ThemeForest. 

Among 17000+ users, 550 users gave their valuable rating of this theme and it acquired, an average of 4.81 points which are definitely positive.

The theme was built on 8 December 2014 and updated regularly by its developer. It is also a high-resolution theme and compatible with different popular browsers. 


For different outstanding features, a theme can be called a multi-purpose theme. Ella is not different in this case. It has numerous powerful features. Anyone can make a great website with these features. 

All are user-friendly, eye-catching, and have a great color combination. Responsiveness is a plus to make the theme awesome. Let’s discover the awesome and precious features of the theme. 



Ella demo

Ella Shopify’s theme is mostly popular for its Stunning pre-made demo sites. The multi-purpose Shopify theme has more than 15 eye-catching layouts. All the layouts are for different types of shops. 

Its developer premakes all the Layouts. For that reason, all of them are outstanding in design quality. Anyone can use them and change the documents and images. All are ready to use. 

The Layouts are- 

– Tea & Coffee
– Swimwear Store
– Glasses store
– Jewellery and Accessories store
– Sports Apparel Store
– Beauty and Health 
– Electronics Store
– Cars and Auto Parts store
– Watch Store
– Bag store, and much more

Moreover, the pre-made layouts help you to make your site easily. That’s why many users like to use premade templates.

The creator of the Ella- Multipurpose theme is upgrading their demo layouts for the user. You will get the Layouts free along with its regular price.


Any website’s home page can make a very positive impression if it can be perfect and professional. Usually, we judge any website’s professionalism by its home page. So, the homepage should be best rather than any other page. 

By keeping this matter in mind, the Developer team of Ella Shopify theme made more than 15 stunning homepage layouts. Each homepage layout is unique and obviously stunning. 

Many users are frightened about the functional complexity of the home page. Ella Shopify theme is very easy to use and anyone can make a dazzling homepage by using some click.


Ella Multi-Purpose theme comes with a 7+ category page layout option. It makes the theme different from others. 

Different users have different choices. The category pages fulfill the users’ demand. Some people like Sidebar some don’t. Some like Full-width, some like Mansory. 

The Ella Shopify theme kept the variation for this reason. You can use any one of those if you want. It helps you to make your Shopify site more eye-catching and more stunning. 


The product page is an important part of any Shopify theme. The design of the product page generally attracts customers. The product page is the key part of any Shopify website.

To make your product page your choice, the Ella Shopify theme has 9+ layouts. You can choose one of the themes and make your site as your wish. 

The product page layouts are totally professional and stunning. Visitors will be attracted if they visit the product page. By using the product page, anyone can boost their sales. 


Ella Shopify theme also has 5 awesome collection pages. You can keep updating your collections by this page and it will give a professional look. 

Different style of the collection pages makes the theme more unique. To keep your collection page fresher, you can use the professionally designed pages. It will make the customer impressive. 


This feature is one of the most important features of any Shopify theme because a large number of Shopify themes have problems with this feature. 

Ella Shopify theme’s sticky add to cart option makes its customer more comfortable to buy any product. Its sidebar cart is also another great feature for its user.  

The theme has a dynamic checkout button that makes the theme more popular. The one-click checkout option made the theme more user friendly. 


The Ella Shopify theme comes with multiple headers and footers. It’s advanced mega menu option made this theme more special. 

The Ella Shopify theme can fix the header to the top or keep it by default. The header is also responsive too. 

Many users like multiple Header and Footer options to make their website different from others. For that reason, the Ella Shopify theme developer allows you numerous header and footer options. 


Ella Shopify theme is super flexible to use. Its fast scrolling feature will help you not to be annoyed. The flexibility will make the visitors satisfied. Moreover, the incredible UI/UX design made the theme more eye-catching.

Furthermore, the hover effect on the product image is very charming in this theme. Everyone likes to visit flexible websites. The flexibility feature also can increase the buying tendency of any customer. 

Different device users can visit your website. So your website must need to be responsive. Ella Shopify theme is fully responsive. Visitors from different size devices feel flexible if they visit any website designed with the Ella Shopify theme.


Ella Shopify theme has a lot of powerful features. Here are some more lists of features which made this theme great. They are-

  • Multi-Languages
  • Lazy Loading Image
  • Automatic Image resize
  • Product Image Swap
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Video Slider
  • GRID & LIST Mode
  • Multiple Currencies, and much more.


Ella Shopify theme has a great performance score. Performance is a must analyzing feature of any theme. Good performance makes a website faster to open. 

Truly, a slow-loading website can be annoying to visitors. Ella Shopify Theme’s Page speed is Great, but YSlow speed is Average. Visitors really love fast loading speed instead of a slow loading website.


ella price

The Ella- Multipurpose Shopify theme is available at the most popular theme market ThemeForest. The basic price is $79 with 6 months of free support.

The Ella Shopify theme offers every future update freely for its user. The theme price is not so high regarding its features and other perspectives.



  • Ella review

We always give priority to this section. Because customers’ ratings and reviews are the actual feedback given by users. 

Ella Shopify theme has great customer ratings & reviews by its users. Almost, 550 users gave their opinion. The theme got 4.81 ratings which are really positive. 

90% of users gave a 5* rating of this multi-purpose Shopify theme. Overall, the theme is good as per its user ratings and reviews. 


In fact, Pros. and Cons. always shows the positive and the negative side of any product. Ella Shopify theme also has some Pros. and Cons. Here are some positive and negative points of the theme. 


  • Flexible Galleries
  • Beautiful Hover effect
  • Lazy Loading
  • Great Customizability
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Design Quality
  • Countless Features
  • Had bad Customer Support but now they are superb


  • 6 months support only.

Basically, The Cons. is the user review who gave the review long ago. The team updated the theme and fixed the problems. In the comparison of the pros and cons, the Ella Shopify theme has many pros. Rather than Cons. 


Ella Shopify theme has great documentation, and presently their support is awesome. Documentation is an asset to any theme. Sometimes we need to see the functionality of the theme. 

Its author properly documented the theme. So it is easy for the user to find any solution. A good quality theme should have good documentation for its user. 

The theme had some trouble with their support, but presently they are super active. We ensured the user review section. They are now very up-to-date in their support section. So, the theme author is really supportive. 

Customer Support is commendable, quick, and on point. I could realize soon that the mistake has happened from our developer end and we end up thinking it is a theme bug. I would recommend all by my heart to purchase the theme as their support is really really amazing as same as their beautiful themes.

– by Amin3065 (themeforest user)


As per Wpthemehost’s honest score, we are giving 4.8 rating points out of 5.  We always try to give a neutral opinion of our rating. 

Our professional theme experts always try to give the rating after analyzing the features, flexibility, performance, Pricing, Documentation and support, pros, cons, and overall aspects.

We believe that our honest score helps our readers to make the best decision. For that reason, we are always trying to give the actual score by our theme experts.

  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing
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