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Hey, are you a multi-player game lover? And looking for the best ark server hosting? Congrats!! you are at the right desk. Ark server hosting is the best gaming servers providing host in the world. Do you know why is that? Let me explain.

Ark Servers Hosting, But Why?

Ark server hosting provides you the best quality and speed when it comes to the online gaming experience.

It offers Powerful cPanel, 20 Addon Domains; shared hosting on enterprise hardware, 96 MB App Memory; 10 GB Storage, and 400 GB Monthly Traffic. ARK has been a huge hit on steam since its launch in mid-2015.

Five and a half-million copies sold on the platform alone. And that’s without taking into consideration the console sales. Ark Server Hosting provides you with rocket speed Cloud Hosting that will accelerate your online presence.

NOTE: If you are a Muslim, you may know that the game is haram in Islam. Our review is basically for educational purposes. We or Wpthemehost are in no way responsible if you or anyone goes into haram.

How to Find The Best Game Server Hosting?

It can be a tiring and confusing task to find the best server host from so many of them available online. So, I have invested some time for you on a thorough web surfing.

Now I can say, you should choose the best gaming server host by considering the following factors while playing online games:

  • Server
  • Control Panel
  • Price &
  • Support

Good server

The host should provide a good server and Ark server hosting has the number one quality server. Ark web servers are compatible with all mods and DLC.

Good control panel

The cPanel should easy to use. Ark server hosting gives you easy to handle control panel which consists of every option you need.

Good price

Well, the affordable price matters the most for a hosted buyer. You can Rent your own ARK server from a price as low as $0.30/slot.

Good support

Good support is the most reliable feature of a host provider. ARK offers you worldwide locations and a 24/7 support team.

So, the Ark server host offers you all the good features which are necessary for the online gaming world. There are over 100+ arc server hosting providers worldwide.

Some of them have been moving since their release in 2015 and some are still building shops.

But how you can find the best ark server host with so many biased reviews online? Don’t panic, here I am. I have given a complete detail of the best ark server hosts in the list below.

Best ark server hosting 2020

Here is a list of the best ark server providers in 2020. You can choose the best ark server by considering the above-mentioned factors.

1. Host Havoc
2. Survival server
4. PingPerfect
5. Low.MS

1. Host Havoc

Best Ark Server Hosting

Host Havoc server is a game, voice, and server hosting provider, and here is Rank #1 in our review list.

Admirable features:

  • Super well organized.
  • Lag-free gaming and easy setup.
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Multiple Server Locations

Negative aspects:

  • Its a newer company than others on the list.

Although Host Havoc is a newer company but they have a great reputation for providing standard arc serve. They have a couple of other things they do as well at website hosting which I think is really cool kind of outside the box is that they provide a whole bunch of games in the game server area.

Moreover, you will actually never experience lag while playing on this server. its cost is also quite a bit less. You can rent it at $0.30/slot

Host Havoc server has everything and is organized into modules super easy to understand super awesome and there’s tons of like forums and information out there for people who do get stuck. Yeah, I think it’s just awesome.


2. Survival Server

Ark dedicated Server

Survival is the default Minecraft game mode where players explore the wilderness and gather resources in order to survive in a critical situation. This server Rank #2 in our review list.

Admirable features:

  • Good and knowledgeable staff.
  • High-performance game server hosting
  • Lag-free servers
  • Developers who understand the importance of editing
  • Worth its cost.

Negative aspects:

  • Speed in some regions may be slow. has been hosting servers for 8 years, with experience and knowledge. Their custom control panel was in place when our server was easily configured. The customer support was excellent with great insights.

Their staff is very knowledgeable and brilliant. They don’t know how to be friendly but they get things done and really know their stuff!



game server

The game server is a high-performance game server with parallel tasks, image and video processing, and online multi-player game hosting. And here is Rank #3 in our review list.

Admirable features:

  • Known for their exceptional performance
  • Perfectly manage multiplayer game server
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Support time was fast when tested
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Negative aspects:

  • The price is high from all other servers on the list, but it’s worth it
  • No DDOS protection
  • Performance may be slow for some locations

They are the most popular hosting platforms. has been Selling game servers since the year 2000. They are fast and reliable dedicated low-latency gaming servers. They provide a Massive catalog of games and give you the freedom to install any game.

This website is owned by a large data center provider that owns data centers around the world. Means You can get a Fully-Isolated, Dedicated Environment that can Handle the Most Critical load. They are not the cheapest but can provide you a quality gaming experience if you want a solid service.


4. PingPerfect

PingPerfect server is a free server hosting that can be used for building your community and here it Rank #4 in our review list.

Admirable features:

  • Most Reliable Performance
  • Lots of server locations
  • Free 48 hour trial
  • Instant game server hosting
  • cPanel is easy to handle

Negative aspects:

  • VPS and dedicated server review are just not great.

They offer top quality server Hosting with a choice of quality packages from which you can choose an affordable quality package. They provide the best 24/7 support, a catalog of over 160 games supported, and Worldwide Locations.

In terms of value for money, these guys are the cheapest ones around, and with so many potential geographic options for your game server, you’re sure to find one near you.



Low.MS is a high-performance game server hosting across the world and here it Rank #5 in our review list.

Admirable features:

  • Low latency game server
  • Quite a neat clean and tidy homepage
  • SSD powered hard drives
  • Worth for money
  • Instant server setup
  • With DDOS protection

Negative aspects:

  • Newly appeared company (Although its not necessarily a drawback)

They offer full customization, mod installs, and plenty of server setups and configs. You can get a couple of top sellers on the home page. They actually are offering a 30% discount when you are stuck at home nowadays.

Their control panel is easiest to use. And everything goes on smoothly from start to end. Although Low.MS is a new company than others with only a couple of years they have been trading, but the quality of the services is satisfactory. And they have got plenty of options for their customers.

They don’t offer a huge access to worldwide locations, but there’s enough for the sort of the main target audience.


Is Ark server hosting free?

No, Ark server hosting is not totally free. But, you can try it for free for 24h Before buying your own server ARK. And you will not be asked to provide a credit card.

Whatever you need, you can select their prices and offers they provide according to you requirements. If they meet your expectations then you can go and buy it after trying 24 hours free.

You can choose the best server plan depending on your needs. Means wether you want to play alone, with your friends or you want to create a community to play with. They can ofer you:

  • 24-hour free trial
  • No credit card needed
  • Flexible pricing plans

Ark server hosting average price?

The bigger the server (the more slots and therefore the more players you’ll get at a time) so as the cheaper you’ll pay per slot. Cheaper Ark servers are available at $0.30 per slot, while which costs more, and that they go up by quite a dollar.

This is mainly thanks to the economies of scale and therefore the support that the corporate needs is typically what you hire from them.

You can reduce the value with most hosting companies by paying the future. So, rather than paying monthly, save to twenty percent with most of the companies for annual payments

Ark server hosting epic games

You can download any game from Ark Epic game store. These games include

  • Ark survival evolved
  • RUST
  • ARMA 3 etc

Even if you’ve got the game from Epic Store, you’ll know a fanatic server using Steam CMD, you don’t have to get it and use Steam CMD Dedicated server hosting works perfectly on Epic Arc.

Although the only problem with port forwarding is the need to host the server. Too many people can’t grasp the data. Still, you should try it. If port forwarding doesn’t work for you.

You can walk in and let your friends join your dedicated server using Himachi the way it did Work for me.

In Epic game store Ark survival evolved game is the number one survival game period apart from possibly maybe Minecraft there is no game that sold as many copies 18 million coming up to Xbox PlayStation, Pc, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile, it’s there it’s everywhere now and free to play on the epic game store.

Good Luck on your Gaming journey!!

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