12 Best Free Divi Child Themes (Instant Download)

Free Divi Child Themes

You need a perfect Divi layout for your website or you just want to build a faster website so you can spend more time with family or double the amount of work for a higher return. Then Free Divi Child themes may be good for you.

What is Divi Child Theme?

We all have a desire to design more or less unique websites and may need to code in the parent theme some of the time. However, when the original theme is updated everything is ruined and our problems go in vain. But if the coding is done in a child theme then the update of parent theme does not cause any problem in our design.

However, Remember that the Divi Child themes are a pre-designed website template that works as an add-on to the parent theme. You can be used for a quick way to create a complete website without any coding or design skills.

Divi child themes also have extra functionality like a custom menu or custom effects that really great.πŸ˜ƒ

However, if you looking for free Divi child themes then this post for you. In this post, I will show you 12 best Free Divi Child Themes with the download link πŸ˜‰

Top 12 Divi Child Themes to download for free

1. Mar Azul ( Divi Free Child Theme For Coaches)

Divi Free Child Theme For Coaches

Mar Azul is a free Responsive Divi child theme and this theme designed by Global Mente especially for personal coaches. Mar Azul has 7 different pages. Custom headers for the blog section and a custom footer for the whole site. You have need Divi 4.0+ but it could work with the 3.0 branch.

If you planning to build a coach website then this theme could be great for you. This theme is fully free, you do not need to sing up or subscribe their mailing list

2. Divi All Purpose Free Child theme

Child theme

Divi All Purpose Child Theme is a multi-purpose free Divi child theme for business from Aspen Grove Studios (AGS) that comes with 6 pages.

This free Divi All Purpose Child Theme comes with 4 different versions of the home page. You will get a default home page, homepage for yoga, homepage for coffee, and homepage for travel. In this Free Divi Child theme, You will get a service page and also a testimonial page.

You will get this theme for free to download from Aspen Grove Studios but that requires your email subscription to their mailing list.

Demo / Download

3. Alma Oeste Child Theme

Alma Oeste is a Free beautifully designed vintage Divi child theme inspired by the 50s fashion Created by Global-Mente.

This fully responsive theme will help you stand out from the crowd by the different Black and White (B/W) backgrounds and multiple image gallery layouts. This Child theme is also completely plugin-free and compatible with Divi 3.0+

You can Download directly this Child theme without sing up or subscribe.

4. Altitude Child Theme

divi theme examples

Altitude is a free 1 page Divi child theme that may be just what you are looking for, it also responsive and designed by LoveDivi. This Divi child theme is a very creative design it is best for any portfolio or creative agency but you can use it on different purpose websites.

This theme has a blog section that why you can share your blog posts to your website but also there are some interesting sections like our services section, about us section, a beautiful banner with text and button, etc. That’s good Right?

You Can directly or Instantly download this Divi free child theme, you do not need to any signup or social share.

Bonus: You will also receive a Pink child theme for free on the same download linked page. πŸ˜‰

Demo / Download

5. Divi Business Free Child Theme

Divi Business Child theme is a free and multipurpose business theme for Divi and this Divi Free child theme designed by DiviLife. This professionally designed child theme will give a beautiful look to your Divi website. This Divi child theme also comes with 6 pages.

This child theme is perfect for almost any business website and this theme also has a one-click click install feature that will help you see your website like a demo in minutes.

Download it free, you need to subscription on Divi Life mailing list, and the child theme will sent that email.

Demo / Download

6. Divi Resume – Free Divi Layout

Free Divi Layouts

Divi Resume is Another beautiful Responsive free child theme and its a Personal Portfolio Child Theme designed for developers, creative designers, and freelancers who want to showcase the best work on the website.

However, This child theme is very easy to use and this theme has a minimal design.

Another Interesting thing that they have integrated a popular animation engine so you can easily animate any Divi element.

You can download this child theme for free but you have to need to subscribe to their mailing list for download. After Subscribe you will get the download link.

Demo / Download

7. Landing Free Divi Child theme

divi theme website

Landing child theme is another free Multi-Purpose Theme Released by Best Divi Child.
This is a 1-page Divi child theme and This 1-page child theme comes with 9 main pages sections and every page has its own customized element. You can create a comprehensive design using this Landing child theme.

This Landing child theme is free via Best Divi Child’s cart checkout process.

Demo / Download

8. Moody Free Divi Child Theme

DP Moody is a Free Multi-Purpose Responsive Divi child theme for agencies and companies this theme designed by Divi-Professional.

This theme is a Clean, trending, and modern Design with a user-friendly interface. This theme also SEO Friendly and easy to use.

This Free Divi child theme comes with lots of features like animation effects, hovers effects, etc. They added 2 Beautiful Unique designed homepages and each home page has a great slider.

This child theme is free via the cart checkout process on Divi-Professional

Demo / Download

9. Forty Divi Child Theme

free divi blog layouts

Another Free Divi Child theme name is Forty released by Caribdis web design. Forty comes with a blog, landing, and generic inner pages. Used a featured post slider module with a standard blog grid layout at the bottom of the blog page.

This theme homepages come with bold full page width image sections and one of the interesting elements of this is the contact section.

You can download this Child theme directly without any signup or email required.

Demo / Download

10. Kriar Creative Free Child Theme

Creative Child Theme

Kriar creative is a Free Responsive with 4 pages Divi free child theme for Creative Agency, Freelancers, creative business. This theme is fully responsive and it’s perfect for all devices. This Child theme has 4 pages like:

  • Home page
  • Services page
  • About Us page
  • Contact page

You can also add new pages if you like. Kriar creative is very clean and beautiful. This child theme can be perfect for you if you are a creative designer, freelancer, or developer.
The developer also said that this is a layout kit not a child theme.
You can make any kind of website by using this free Divi layout kit.

This Kriar Creative child theme is free via the cart checkout process.

Demo / Download

11. PICTURE Divi Child Theme

Picture Child Theme

The Picture theme is Another Child theme for Divi created by Candy Theme especially for those photographers who want to showcase their best work. This Picture theme is a minimal blogging theme but it can be used for any other purpose like freelancing business or creative agency.

The developer said this theme is more customizable than other Divi child themes because they have added extra features for easily customize.
This theme is also a parallax feature that will give your visitors a smooth feel.

This child theme is free via the cart checkout process on Candy Themes.

Demo / Download

12. Vintage Idea Free Divi Child Theme

Our Next list child theme name is Vintage Idea, it is a beautiful responsive free child theme of Divi by Elegant Themes. This theme can be perfect for your website to generate inbound leads to grow your business.

This theme also includes a stand-out call to action button in the navigation bar that you can easily adapt to your business.
You can install this theme immediately after the download but you need to subscribe to their mailing list for download.

Demo / Download

Need a blank Divi Child Theme?

You can download a blank Divi child theme created by Divi Ready themes to get you started. This theme can be uploaded to and activated with a base Divi installation on your WordPress website. Your Divi site will not change when activated since there is no custom CSS in the style .css file.

This is a blank page that will allow you to create your new Divi website without worrying about losing your edits when updating the parent Divi theme. If you want to edit any of your PHP files for themes, simply copy them over to the folder of the child theme and edit them there.

The child theme zip contains 5 files.

  • A header.php file
  • A footer.php file
  • A functions.php file
  • A style.css file
  • A screenshot.jpg (you can replace with your own JPG or PNG file)

you just only need the functions.php file, but in this theme included those since most people edit the header and footer.


Attention Please πŸ˜ƒ

Above is a list of some of the best Divi free child themes. Choose the child theme of your choice and start building your website faster and better.

If you know any free Divi child theme that I have missed in this post you can share it with me. I will try to add your shared Divi free child theme in this post. So please don’t forget to share with me.

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