X Theme Review 2020 – An Honest Review

X Theme is the cheapest top-selling multi-purpose WordPress theme that provides Countless features. Using this WordPress theme it is possible to create stunning beautiful profitable websites and it is easy to use.

In this X Theme review, we will talk about Its Pros, Cons, Flexibility, and Features with User Experience.

X WordPress theme Review

About Of the X Theme

X Theme is available in ThemeForest Marketplace. It’s developed by the THEMECO team and their entire focus is only on this theme as this theme is their only product.

The theme was released on 22 November 2013 and has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

This theme sells more than 200 times on average every day and this theme has sold over 213,300 total so far.

This was about the theme now let’s move on to the features of the theme.


This X theme has countless features than what a user wants in a premium theme. Here are some of the main features of x theme:


The X WordPress theme is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. You can transform your WordPress website into a full-fledged eCommerce storefront with a single click without any additional cost.

The X WordPress Theme Supported Multiple unique designs called Stacks, each Stack has its own look.

When you are searching for an eCommerce solution, you will now have to pick from multiple completely unique looks.


Stack is a Different Unique Style like a fully designed theme within the theme.

Currently, X has four Stacks available and they are very easy to customize. The Stacks are:

  1. Icon
  2. Renew
  3. Integrity
  4. Ethos

X Team said they are developing more stacks. So we hope, very soon we can see more stacks.

Each Stack gives you a different style and If you like you can adjust all of them. Also, You can create child themes for each stack.


Extensions are plugins that have been created for the X theme. This is another unique feature of the X theme.

X Theme currently includes 16 extensions that make your site even better.

x extension

If you look at the screenshot above, you will see 16 included extensions.

You can normally install them from your WordPress admin area.


Page Builder

X theme has Included the Front-end page builder (Cornerstone) and Visual Composer.

With these two plugins, you can make your website look like your dream website, this means you can edit or customize your website as your requirement.

With front-end editor, you can see the live changes of your site.

WpBakery (formally Visual Builder) also has a front-end feature as well as a back-end editor. So you can edit according to your needs, which is very easy.

Front-end page builder or Visual Composer are included with each verified purchase.

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is a most Popular and Powerful plugin to show Slider on your site.

X theme includes the premium plugin for free along with your purchase.

With the Revolution Slider, you can create and manage unique slideshows with animations, it will looking great on mobile because the Revolution Slider Plugin is Fully Responsive.

You can easily add a slider of any page using a dropdown option, or use the shortcodes created to the body of your pages and posts.


Elements allow you to enable you to become a power user and take your site to new heights.

The X Premium WordPress theme has built 40+ stellar Elements and allows you to build virtually any layout.

All Elements are available via Cornerstone ( A powerful WordPress front-end page builder. Included in the X Theme as an extension) for easy maintenance.

Included Elements are as follows:

  • Accordon
  • Audio Embed
  • Block Grid
  • Buttons
  • Code
  • Columnize
  • Columns
  • Custom Headline
  • Feature Headline
  • Icons
  • Popovers & Tooltips
  • Images
  • Responsive Pricing Table
  • Responsive Lightbox
  • Search
  • Responsive Visibility
  • Skill Bar
  • Table of Contents
  • Tabbed Content
  • and Much More…

If you want to see examples of the Elements then check out the links below:

SEO Ready

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of the most important parts of a website.

No website can be considered without SEO because without SEO you will never be able to bring your web site to Google ranking and increase the sales or popularity of your website.

Now many may say, just increase sales generation or popularity through ads, then I would say you are completely wrong.

Regardless of which theme you purchase, consider whether the theme has search engine optimization features along with other features, as search engine optimization will help increase your site’s rank and visitors.

However, SEO has Included in the x WordPress theme. Everything from the standard markup using the latest semantic HTML5 elements to advanced shortcodes for higher click through levels has been expertly designed to ensure your site ranks as best it can.

Responsiveness and Retina ready

Responsiveness can never be optional when choosing a theme. The chosen theme must be Responsive.

A site based on a theme’s responsiveness can be a profit or loss.

If your theme is not responsive, then you will lose the visitors of the site and also lose the Google ranking.

Fortunately, this monstrous multi-featured theme is very responsive.

It doesn’t matter what device your visitors are using, your site will always be responsive. In that case, your visitors will feel comfortable browsing your web site.

Now let’s talk about the Retina.

Almost all themes have a Retina Ready Feature and this theme is also retina ready.

That’s why pictures of your site look good without being pixelated on large screens.

Other Features of X | Theme

Here are some other Features of X Theme

  • Use more than 600+ Google fonts
  • Highly customizable navigation menus
  • Automatic handling of thumbnails
  • Create one-page sites with on-page navigation
  • Create mega menus with beautiful dropdowns
  • Better WordPress search experience
  • Icon fonts
  • Typography
  • Short Codes
  • Portfolio
  • Lightbox popups
  • RLT (Right to Left)
  • Supports bbPress, BuddyPress
  • And Much More…

X | The Theme has Many Features that we mentioned earlier that’s why it is not possible to cover all of them.

The X | Theme is Easy to Use/Setup?

We think that more features mean more complexity, but this is not true. This theme is very easy to set up despite having many features in the X theme.

But for those who are absolute beginners in WordPress, then the theme can be a lot more complicated, but for them, there is a stack option.

Just activate the theme and choose a stack and just change the demo content with the main content to make the site live.

There is also documentation for the active theme and how to choose a stack. However, if you have any problems, their support team will help you.

Despite having many features in the theme, your site will not be slow.
You can easily turn on / off any features of the theme.

And if you have the basics knowledge of WordPress theme customization, so you can easily make your site more unique with x theme.

X Theme Pricing

The price of this multi-featured theme may seem like over $100 but the good news is that this theme is priced at just $29. Yes, the current price of X Theme is only $29 which includes a lifetime future update with a 6-month support fee.

Customers Reviews

x theme review

After listening to us for so long, let’s see what those who have already bought the theme are saying about this theme.

Documentation and Support

X the Theme is a Premium theme that’s why the theme documentation comes with Detailed of each Feature.

Beginners can also Understand their Documentation. Even then, if you face any problem, their support team will help you.

X is a really great theme that is packed full of easy to use features. But what really makes it worth 5 stars is the support. Fast (often less than 24 hours) and extremely thorough. They go the extra mile and I’ve always been 100% satisfied with the answers.

by stevetheadi 

Themeco (the company of the X theme) provides support to their customer directly through ThemeForest.

X theme support is really great. Users can post questions on the Theme website and the support team will always try to help their Customers as soon as possible.

Our Score

Those of you who have read this whole review have already figured out what the theme is like and how much we should rate it out of 5.

Wpthemehost is always coming with Honest Reviews and will continue to do so in the future.

We are giving 5 out of 5 to this theme based on its features, ease of use, usability, and support. This is a really great theme. You can easily give your site a unique look by editing it as you like.

Even This theme is suitable for beginners. You will not be disappointed by purchasing this theme.

  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

We hope the X WordPress theme review will help you to make the best decision. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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